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Settlement Agents:

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The New Closing Platform™

ClosingBridge brings into one place all the people, workflow, and information for a closing.  With ClosingBridge it is easy to communicate, share, deliver, and track every detail to close each loan.  

A Solution for Every Need

At BeesPath, we recognize that a Closing Platform needs to be as flexible as its customers needs are unique.  So whether you’re a lender trying to increase efficiency in the complex TRID lending environment, or a title agent trying to optimize workflow to assist your lender clients, ClosingBridge is the system to make your closings easier. 

Popular Features That Will Change Your Bottom Line

New capabilities with all the time-saving tools you need to easily manage each closing and protect your business. CFPB TRID regulations may have mandated a new workflow, but ClosingBridge helps you make it profitable.



Comprehensive, Real-Time Loan Compliance Auditing

with ComplianceAnalyzer® with TRID Monitor™

Audits and scores origination data at the loan-level as updates are received from settlement providers, alerting you to potential compliance issues and risks before they become violations requiring reimbursements and tolerance cures   More >

Comprehensive, Real-Time Loan Compliance Auditing with ComplianceAnalyzer®

Quickly and definitively answer the questions of the hour: is this loan TRID compliant and how can I prove it?”

Use the TRID Monitor™ module to monitor changes in fees and terms throughout the origination and closing processes or check just the latest terms and fees on any single TRID disclosure. TRID Monitor audits tolerance across all disclosures and changed circumstances, and tracks post-consummation disclosures, including those with a cure to the borrower. The product provides a comprehensive, independent third-party audit report that is evidence of TRID compliance. As a third-party audit, this report may carry greater weight with secondary market investors and regulators than TRID reviews performed by a lender’s own personnel or origination, underwriting or pricing systems. In addition to TRID compliance, ComplianceAnalyzer with TRID Monitor:

  • Reviews new disclosures, renders a compliance decision in seconds and displays findings with an easy-to-read risk score and tolerance analysis, backed by regulatory citations and narrative explanations
  • Monitors all disclosed fees throughout the origination process to determine if changes are allowable under TRID and if re-disclosure is permitted and/or required
  • Audits all disclosure timing requirements, tracking dates and delivery methods
  • Tracks allowable reasons for re-disclosure to automatically compare disclosed fees and terms from Initial and Revised Loan Estimates to those on the Closing Disclosure(s)
  • Audits final closing documents, alerting lenders to closing table changes that create compliance issues and calculating refund and deadline for remediation
  • Maintains a complete audit trail throughout the loan origination lifecycle
  • Leverage for pre- and post-close quality control and securitization due diligence

In addition to TRID compliance, ComplianceAnalyzer continues to audit for Federal high cost and higher-priced loan regulations, other rules under the Dodd-Frank Act, the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act, state high cost and anti-predatory regulations, state license-based consumer lending laws and regulations, and compliance guidelines from secondary market investors and government-sponsored enterprises. ComplianceEase, ComplianceAnalyzer and TRID Monitor are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of LogicEase Solutions Inc.

Evidence of Compliance Record

Maintains and preserves a detailed, unimpeachable record of all communications, documents, compliance audits, and delivery history in a single location

Security by Default

The built-in encryption and security protocols mean users and administrators never have to worry about the safety and integrity of customer data, it just happens    More >

Security from the ground up.

From instant chat and information collection to file and message delivery, we’ve built rock solid security into every level of BeesPath. That means constant monitoring to assess threats and a lot of data protection features that include:

  • High-grade SSL encryption in transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest.
  • Robust firewalls that house our servers and selectively grant access to network resources.
  • Intrusion detection systems monitor network traffic.
  • External penetration testing to ensure system security and validation.
  • The robust security capabilities of Amazon Web Services—a world-class hosting environment. For more details, click here.



PDF Analyzer

Detects and highlights changes between different versions of any PDF document (including the Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure and settlement statements)

UCD XML File Compare

Analyzes the Uniform Closing Dataset data files, pointing out any and all changes between revisions

Tracking Events

Tracks and logs message and file delivery times so stakeholders know if and when critical communication was received



Secure Instant Chat, Group Chat

Enables instant communication (similar to texting or online chat) except all messages are secure and automatically associated with the correct transaction


Eliminates the use of email (or the need to use encrypted email) by providing secure, transaction-specific messaging built right into the system

System Notifications

Provides instant alerts whenever new files, communications or updates arrive



Free for Consumers

Loops in direct-to-consumer communication; allowing lenders and agents to exchange documents, communicate, even analyze documents with the consumer fully engaged

Power of SaaS

Enables user to manage transactions from the office, from home, and from virtually anywhere with no software to install or manage


Allows your customers to use their mobile devices to communicate, review documents, ask questions, and get status updates



Transaction Data Files

Uses the Uniform Closing Dataset XML Data in MISMO 3.3 format to deliver and receive data files, eliminating manual data entry and increasing loan accuracy


Securely stores every document you send or receive in a file repository specific to the individual transaction. No more searching through your in-box looking for an email with an attachment

Post-Closing Files

Speeds up post-closing and streamlines reviews by providing images of the signed closing package, recorded documents, title policies, and revised post-consummation closing disclosures

Closing requires a team effort and all the team needs to win. ClosingBridge helps the process for all the players by:

  • Lowering Labor Expenses
  • Providing Faster Processing Times
  • Decreasing Errors and Defects
  • Reducing Penalties

  • Accelerating Production Throughput
  • Meeting Timing Requirements
  • Improving Process Control and Transparency
  • Compare Editions   More >



ClosingBridge is the easiest way to manage mortgage closings

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